Extreme Rock Ticklist

Extreme Rock

Extreme Rock provides possibly the greatest tick-list for the unimaginative climbing geek.

It represents an unrealistic challenge for all but the very best, featuring as it does routes between E1 (ok) and E9 (less ok…). However, out of reach though it might be what it does do is provide the necessary impetus and drive to visit a number of places that you never would have. By and large the routes are of the highest quality, you just have to make sure that you don’t put the blinkers on and ignore all the other good routes surrounding those in the book!

Here is my tick-list to date (06/07/14):

No. Route Route Name Grade Climbed Climbing Partner
1 Stairway to Heaven, Blaven E5
2 Thor, Sgurr a’Mhadaidh E2
3 Megaton, Sgurr a’Mhadaidh E1
4 Supercharger, Neist Point E2
5 Grey Panther, Kilt Rock E1 1 Cherry Bedford
6 Internationale, Kilt Rock E2 1 Cherry Bedford
7 Titan’s Wall, Ben Nevis E3
8 King Kong, Ben Nevis E2
9 Caligula, Ben Nevis E3
10 Agrippa, Ben Nevis E5
11 The Fuhrer, Creag Dubh, Newtonmore E4 1 Helena Robinson
12 Acapulco, Creag Dubh, Newtonmore E4 1 Helena Robinson
13 Edgehog, Glen Nevis E3 1 Cherry Bedford
14 Going for Gold, Glen Nevis E4
15 Just a little Tease, Glen Nevis E5
16 Unicorn, Stob Coire nan Lochan E1
17 Scansor, Stob Coire nan Lochan E2
18 Kingpin, Bidean nam Bian E3
19 Freak Out, Aonach Dubh E4 1 Cherry Bedford
20 Spacewalk, Aonach Dubh E4 1 Cherry Bedford
21 The Clearances, Aonach Dubh E3
22 The Pinch Direct, Etive Slabs E3
23 Risk Business, Craig a Bhancair E5
24 Romantic Reality, Craig a Bhancair E6
25 Steeple, Shelterstone E2
26 Haystack, Shelterstone E2
27 The Pin, Shelterstone E2
28 Run of the Arrow, Shelterstone E5
29 The Spire, Shelterstone E3
30 Giant, Creag an Dubh Loch E4
31 Cougar, Creag an Dubh Loch E2
32 Naked Ape, Creag an Dubh Loch E5
33 Flodden, Creag an Dubh Loch E5
34 Chemin de Fer, Dumbarton Rock E5
35 Club Crack, The Cobbler E2
36 Wild Country, The Cobbler E5
37 Rat Race, Craig-a-Barns E3
38 The Big Lick, Harris E3
39 Stone, Harris E5 1 Cherry Bedford
40 Grand Alliance, Black Crag E4 1 Jeff McDonald
41 Bitter Oasis, Goat Crag E3 1 Ed + Adam Booth
42 Footless Crow, Goat Crag E5
43 Gates of Delerium, Raven Crag E5
44 Saxon, Scafell E2 1 Mal Scott
45 Nazgul, Scafell E3 1 Mal Scott
46 Lord of the Rings, East Buttress E2
47 Lost Horizons, East Buttress E4 1 Mal Scott
48 Shere Khan, East Buttress E5 1 Mal Scott
49 Equus, Gimmer Crag E2
50 Eastern Hammer, Gimmer Crag E3
51 Fine Time, Raven Crag E4
52 R’n’S Special, Raven Crag E5
53 Trilogy, Raven Crag E5 1 Mal Scott
54 Cruel Sister, Pavey Ark E3 1 Ed Booth
55 Fallen Angel, Pavey Ark E4 1 Adam Booth
56 Side Walk, Dow Crag E2
57 Holocaust, Dow Crag E4
58 The Cumbrian, Esk Buttress E4
59 The Moon, Gogarth E3 1 Chris Lycett
60 Winking Crack, Gogarth E2 1 Calum Muskett
61 The Strand, Gogarth E2 1 Drew Withey
62 Dinosaur, Gogarth E4 1 Sam Underhill
63 Mammoth, Gogarth E5 1 Bendict Boemens
64 Citadel, Gogarth E5 1 Alex Haslehurst
65 Hunger, Gogarth E5 1 Lindy Smith
66 Positron, Gogarth E5 1 Helena Robinson
67 Tyrannosaurus Rex, Gogarth E3 1 Sam Underhill
68 The Cad, Gogarth E5
69 The Bells, The Bells, Gogarth E7
70 Capital Punishment, Idwal E4 1 Al Leary
71 Suicide Wall, Idwal E2 1 Sam Underhill
72 Comes the Dervish, Vivian Quarry E3 1 Kat Spinney
73 The Skull, Cyrn Las E4 1 Nick Bullock
74 Lubyanka, Cyrn Las E3 1 Helena Robinson
75 The Boldest, Cloggy E3 1 Dan McManus
76 West Buttress Eliminate, Cloggy E3 1 Alex Haslehurst
77 Great Wall, Cloggy E4 1 Choo Clifford
78 Speadeagle, Cloggy E4
79 Womb Bits, Cloggy E5 1 Dan McManus
80 A Midsummer Nights Dream, Cloggy E6 1 Helena Robinson
81 Master’s Wall, Cloggy E7
82 Indian Face, Cloggy E9
83 Disillusioned Screw Machine, Pen Trwyn E6
84 New Dimensions, Castell y Gwynt E3 1 Nathan Lee
85 Great Wall, Craig y Forwyn E4 1 Nathan Lee
86 Left Wall, Dinas Cromlech E2 1 John Maskell
87 Resurrection, Dinas Cromlech E4 1 Nick Bullock
88 Right Wall, Dinas Cromlech E5 1 Helena Robinson
89 Lord of the Flies, Dinas Cromlech E6 1 Nick Bullock
90 Vulcan, Tremadog E3 1 Helena Robinson
91 Fingerlicker, Tremadog E4
92 Silly Arete, Tremadog E3 1 Jeff McDonald
93 Zukator, Tremadog E4 1 Helena Robinson
94 Void, Tremadog E3 1 George Ulrich
95 Cream, Tremadog E4 1 Helena Robinson
96 Strawberries, Tremadog E6
97 Western Front, Almscliff E3 1 Helen Wise
98 Wall of Horrors, Almscliff E3 1 Helena Robinson
99 Big Greeny, Almscliff E3 1 Steve Sharland
100 Wellington Crack, Ilkley E4
101 Milky Way, Ilkley E5
102 Face Route, Goredale Scar E3
103 Jenny Wren, Goredale Scar E5
104 Deliverance, Goredale Scar E5
105 Cave Route, Goredale Scar E6 1 Cherry Bedford
106 Pierrepoint, Goredale Scar E7
107 Main Overhang, Malham E6
108 Superdirectissima, Malham E6
109 New Dawn, Malham E6
110 Central Wall, Kilnsey E4
111 Deja Vu, Kilnsey E4 1 Tim Neill
112 Dominatrix, Kilnsey E6
113 High Noon, Caley E4
114 Adrenaline Rush, Caley E5
115 Kingdom Come, Stoney Middleton E4 1 Mal Scott
116 Circe, Stoney Middleton E5 1 Mal Scott
117 Bitterfingers, Stoney Middleton E4 1 Tim Hill
118 Wee Doris, Stoney Middleton E3 1 Dave Brown
119 Our Father, Stoney Middleton E3 1 Dave Brown
120 Beau Geste, Froggatt E7
121 Hairless Heart, Froggatt E5
122 Strapadictomy, Froggatt E5 1 Tom Ripley
123 London Wall, Millstone Edge E5
124 White Wall, Millstone Edge E5 1 Mal Scott
125 Green Death, Millstone Edge E4 1 Katy Whittaker
126 Edge Lane, Millstone Edge E5 1 Si Verspeak
127 Great Arete, Millstone Edge E3
128 Master’s Edge, Millstone Edge E7
129 Darius, High Tor E1 1 Katy Whittaker
130 Bastille, High Tor E5
131 Castellan, High Tor E5 1 Dan McManus
132 Profit of Doom, Curbar Edge E4 1 Jack Geldard
133 Linden, Curbar Edge E6
134 Right Eliminate, Curbar Edge E3
135 Quietus, Stanage Edge E2 1 Andrea Morgan + Tim Hill
136 Old Friends, Stanage Edge E3 1 Andrea Morgan + Tim Hill
137 Mortlock’s Arete, Chee Tor E4 1 Tim Hill
138 Easter Island, Dovedale E1 1 Tim Hill
139 Adjudicator Wall, Dovedale E3 1 Tim Hill
140 The Prow, Raven Tor E6
141 Revelations, Raven Tor E7
142 Fern Hill, Cratcliffe Tor E1 1 Sam Underhill
143 Five Finger Exercise, Cratcliffe Tor E2 1 Sam Underhill
144 Requiem, Cratcliffe Tor E3
145 Star Gate & Space Face Routes
146 Mythical Monster, Huntsman’s Leap E3 1 Sam Underhill
147 Quiet Waters, Huntsman’s Leap E3 1 Sam Underhill
148 Witch Hunt, Huntsman’s Leap E4 1 Sam Underhill
149 Suprise Attack E1 1 Duncan Campbell
150 Daydreams E2 1 Duncan Campbell / Tom Ripley
151 Preter, Avon Gorge E2 1 Tim Neill
152 Krapp’s Last Tape, Avon Gorge E1 1 Alex Haslehurst
153 Think Pink, Avon Gorge E3 1 Alex Haslehurst
154 Dreadnought, Berry Head E3 1 Rich Bennett
155 Caveman, Berry Head E5 1 Cherry Bedford
156 Tudor Rose, Swanage E2 1 Rory Shaw
157 Oceanid, Swanage E2
158 Warlord, Swanage E3 1 Mal Scott
159 Vikings, Swanage E4
160 Heart of the Sun, Baggy Point E2 1 Alex Haslehurst
161 Promised Land, Lundy E3
162 Wolfman Jack, Lundy E2
163 Controlled Burning, Lundy E3
164 Widespread Ocean of Fear, Lundy E4
165 Il Duce, Tintagel E5
166 Eroica, Pentire Head E2 1 Alex Haslehurst
167 Darkinbad the Brightdayler E5 1 Alex Haslehurst
168 America, Carn Gowla E4 1 Sam Underhill
169 Guernica, Carn Gowla E6
170 Mastodon, Gurnard’s Head E3
171 Behemoth, Gurnard’s Head E1 1 Alex Haslehurst
172 Astral Stroll, Gurnard’s Head E2 1 Alex Haslehurst
173 Raven Wall, Bosigran E2 1 Benno Wagner + Ed Booth
174 Kafoozalem, Bosigran E3 1 Kat Spinney
175 Ghost, Bosigran E2 1 Alex Haslehurst
176 Deja Vu, Great Zawn E4
177 West Face, Great Zawn E4
178 Dream/Liberator, Great Zawn E3 1 Adam Booth

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