Australia Part 1- The Animals

I’ve just got back from a month long trip to Australia, climbing at both Mount Arapiles and The Grampians.

In order to buy some time whilst the jet lag wears off, here’s a few pictures of some of the hilarious wildlife – it really was off the scale! Alongside that there’s a few landscape shots of what was, from the small part of it we saw, an absolutely stunning country.

More to follow!

It's a bloody Koala!!
It’s a bloody Koala!!
Stumpy Tailed Lizard
Wide-boy Stumpy Tailed Lizard
Kangaroo with impossibly small arms
Wallaby with impossibly cool tail
Echidna with remarkably pointy noise
Skink, impressive though this would be in the UK, seems comparatively normal by Aussie standards – try harder next time your evolving Mr Skink…
Noisy Miner Bird
Noisy Miner Bird about to tackle a head-size piece of cheese
The Gum Trees
Gum Trees in the evening light
The Great Ocean Road
The Loch Ord Gorge along the Great Ocean Road, premier choss venue of the future?
The Bay of Islands
The Bay of Islands
Going to see the Platypus
Looking for Platypus at Lake Elizabeth
Mitre Rock at Mount Arapiles
Mitre Rock at Mount Arapiles
Scenes around the campfire
Relaxing by the campfire at The Pines Campground underneath Mount Arapiles


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