British Peak 41 Expedition

Peak 41 – a bigger hill than Snowdon

Since returning from Canada things have been falling into place nicely for the expedition.

We have now heard back from all of the grants + trusts that we applied for and have received support from the Mark Clifford Mountaineering Grant, the Chris Walker Memorial TrustThe Mount Everest Foundation, the BMC, and the Welsh Sports Association.

Jack Geldard – The Eternal Optimist

I feel quite honoured to have received such overwhelming support, it is more than I ever expected (or could have wished for). Over the coming months I am hoping to put together a post regarding each of the charities, trusts, and brands that have supported the expedition, both to say thank-you and make those planning their first expedition realise exactly what is available is out there.

Actually going to the Himalayas isn’t something I ever anticipated doing (although I would have liked to) and I have found the whole process of research, investigation, and planning quite interesting and certainly quite far removed from booking an Easyjet flight to Geneva!

In the meanwhile I’m going back to Gogarth, but more to follow on that later…

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